Getting Raccoons Out Of A Wall

Raccoons in the Wall
You might hear the scurrying, or you might have seen a glimpse of it – a raccoon in your wall. Whether it is one or a family, raccoons getting into your wall is a big problem.

Once in your wall, they can cause some serious destruction. They can chew at the structure and wires, and they can drop feces and urine around the place. It is not something you want to deal with.

Getting the raccoons out might seem like an impossible task, as there is no reasonable way to get into the wall without destroying it or waiting for the raccoon to get out itself.

There are ways to do this, though. Whether you do it yourself or have a pro take care of the removal, you can have a raccoon-free wall.

Finding the Raccoon
The raccoon got into the wall from somewhere. Most likely, it is through the attic. The attic is a common place for raccoons to go and nest, and getting into the walls will give them extra security.

ou can check the attic, if they get back in there, to try to remove them from that spot. You can also try to spot them from the attic itself, if you can get an eye on them.

This is your best bet for seeing them. However, trying to grab them is a dangerous task. If you do not have the specialized tools and knowledge, handling a wild raccoon may lead to illness or injury. This is especially true if it is a mother protecting its young.

You can also cut a hole into your wall if you want direct access. You have to be careful here, though, as you do not want to hurt the raccoon. Any sounds or movements may also lead to the raccoon scurrying away.

What to Do
If you can see the raccoon, try to use some sort of trap or use something like eviction fluid to get it out. These are trusted solutions that should do the job for you, if you do it properly.

You can also hire a professional wildlife removal expert if you feel you cannot do this yourself. Pros are out there to handle this type of work, and it may be best for your health and your property.

However and whenever you get the raccoon out, make sure you seal up its entrance so it cannot reenter.

Raccoons in walls should not be a hassle for you. Use trusted methods of removal, or have an expert do it, and keep them out for good.

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