Does A Raccoon Hide In Attics To Have A Nest Of Babies?

Raccoons Nesting in Attics
Raccoons, like all other animals, want to find a nice and safe place to have babies. They want to nest and they want to raise their young to be healthy.

Doing so means finding the right place. If you have raccoons wandering around your attic, you might fear that they have found it – and that means a big headache for you. Before you start figuring out what to do, know whether this is something you have to worry about. You might be uncertain whether they would choose an attic, somewhere so close to humans, so you might have your doubts. Know more about raccoons and their nesting before doing anything.

Where Raccoons Nest
Being wild animals, you might assume that raccoons like to nest in the wild. It is far from people and it gives them a chance to raise their young where they live. That might be what some assume, but raccoons actually prefer living near humans. As humans took much of their habitat away for development, raccoons quickly adapted to their new homes – surrounded by humans. Being around humans gives them security and access to food easily, which they love. Many now rely on humans for survival. This includes using humans’ properties as their own. They use it to rest, hunt, and, of course, nest.

Raccoons will nest in your attic if they find it safe and comfortable. If it gives them access to the food, shelter, and mobility they need when raising their young, they will use it.

What to Do
If you fear that a raccoon is going to use your attic to nest, you have to take some precautions. If there is no raccoon in there right now, seal it up and make sure no raccoon can enter. If it can, there is that risk that it will.

For spaces already inhabited by raccoons, go about removal. You can do this yourself or have a professional do it, if you would like. Doing it yourself is easy and effective with the use of exclusion and live traps.

If there are babies, you will want to remove them with the mother. It is harder to do on your own, and dangerous. This is why it is best to contact professionals, as exposure to health hazards raccoons carry is dangerous.

Raccoons can and may nest in your attic. Know what to do in that instance to ensure they are not a problem for you.

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