How To Remove Raccoon In A Chimney

Removing a Raccoon from a Chimney
A raccoon can cause damage and spread disease, and create a great deal of concern for you. An immediate solution is necessary before the raccoon can do any more harm to you or your property.

When the raccoon gets into the chimney, though, stopping it becomes significantly harder. You cannot fit into the chimney and getting it out is no easy task. Once in there, you are going to have to find a solution fit for the problem.

There are a few solutions available that are safe and effective. Removing the raccoon from your chimney is possible, even if it has left babies in there. You can have a safe and raccoon-free chimney.

Scaring It Out
Raccoons go into the chimney because they see it as a hollow, tall, and safe place to stay. They like the thought of having no predators around and nothing to put them at risk.

To them, this is the perfect nesting location or hide out. It gives them the chance to live and survive, and even raise their young.

To get them out, you are going to need to use something like eviction fluid. Eviction fluid comes from a male raccoon and scares away the females, making them think a male is nearby. To protect themselves and their young, they leave immediately.

Eviction fluid is a highly effective solution. It will get the raccoon out without much effort. It may not do much about the babies, but you can take them out by hand afterwards or have a professional do that.

Keeping Them Out
Raccoons get into your chimney because there is no cap and no barrier. Without a barrier or a way to keep them out, the chimney is open and free to them.

To keep the raccoons out, you have to fix that. You have to make sure that the chimney has no open space in it that will allow access.

Go through the chimney and add or repair caps, or add another barrier to keep them out. You do not want the raccoons to have the chance to get inside. With both, there is a risk of babies being in the chimney. You can take those out by hand or have a professional do it for you. Either way, it is an easy step in the process and will finish everything for you. Once out, you will not have to worry about raccoons any longer.

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