What Is Eviction Fluid And Why Does It Work In Keeping Raccoons Away

The Truth About Eviction Fluid
There are plenty of products out there for removing raccoons. Some of them make big promises without living up to a single one, while others work wonders without you having to do a thing.

One of the solutions out there that seems promising is eviction fluid. This fluid promises that you will be able to remove a raccoon with little effort, all because you put some of this fluid around your property.

It sounds great and, the wonderful thing is, it works. People have been using eviction fluid for a long while now because it actually shows results. When using it, it will scare away raccoons easily. What is Eviction Fluid?
With something so effective, you have to wonder what it is. Its name does not reveal a lot about itself, so you will have to look deeper to figure that out.

Eviction fluid is something that male raccoons create and that people collected for sale and use by others. It is similar to other liquids that animals create and people sell. It has its uses and it is effective.

As it is a natural product of male raccoons, it is going to create a reaction in other raccoons, namely the females. If you want a way to disrupt a den and scare away some raccoons, this is the way to do it. Why it Works
A female raccoon that is ready to nest has one job – protect her babies. She wants to find a nest and she wants to raise her young.

To do this, she has to make sure there are no predators or dangers around. This includes other males, males that may pose a risk to her and her young. It is not rare for males to be dangerous to pregnant or newborn raccoons, which is why females want to stay clear of them.

By putting the eviction fluid around the area where the raccoons are, you make it seem like there is a male in the area. The female does not know better and trusts her instincts. She will leave in order to protect herself and her young, finding somewhere without a male raccoon.

All raccoons know is that the smell comes from a male raccoon. It is enough to scare them away for good.

Eviction fluid is a simple and effective method of raccoon removal. Using their own natural instincts and senses against them, you can have them gone immediately under the assumption they are protecting themselves.

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